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Welcome from the CHCC President!

posted Jun 4, 2012, 5:27 AM by Cressie Hill

Welcome, everyone, to our newly- revised and reconditioned website. The Council recognized that our former website was outdated and it was time to put together a newer site with many of the bells and whistles that are available today. We consequently assigned V.P. Barry Creech the job of coming up with a new site and are pleased with the results. With the launch of this new site, we are hoping it will be expandable so that, as new applications become available, we can incorporate them into the site. 

When we started looking into creating a new website there were several things we were looking for:

  1. Easy to understand 
  2. Easy to add or change content
  3. Easy to add new applications
  4. Little maintenance--something that didn’t need a programmer to always fine- tune it
  5. A site where visitors could find the information that they are looking for with just a couple of key strokes.
  6. That is not expensive 

We think this new site meets all these criteria and we are excited about the current results and future possibilities.

Look around and tell us what you think. If you have other suggestions, please let us know. Contact the Webmaster and share your thoughts.  Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the new site.

Jerry Fielden, President
Crescent Hill Community Council
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