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Frequently Asked Questions

posted Aug 14, 2012, 6:50 AM by Cressie Hill

Now that you have found your way to the Crescent Hill Community Council (CHCC) website you might have questions as to what is the CHCC and what it does.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions; let's start with our By-Laws.

 From our BY-Laws: The purpose and mission of the Crescent Hill Community Council is to serve as an advocate for maintaining Crescent Hill's quality of life by improving the civic, recreational, cultural and educational life of the Crescent Hill neighborhood and by strengthening community pride and involvement through objective planning, preservation and enhancement of its historic character and natural beauty.

 Who runs the Council: The Council's Board of Directors represents the overall Council and is made up of volunteers from the Crescent Hill community and representatives from institutions that are located in Crescent Hill. The Officers of the Council (pres., v.p., sec. treas.) are elected by the Council membership at the annual general membership meeting which is held the first Thursday in November each year. All members of the Council can vote at this meeting to elect the officers. The other representatives and committee chairs on the Board are appointed by the President with Board approval at the first meeting in January.

What is its purpose and mission: The Council represents the Crescent Hill neighborhood in all things that affect the neighborhood. Almost all major changes that are made in the neighborhood by both  government and institutions are first brought before the Council's Board of directors for approval or at least to make people aware that a change is about to take place. Usually the Board of Directors decide whether to approve a project, but there have been issues in the past where the Board thought the question was so important that meetings were organized of the whole neighborhood where each side presented it case and the Council organized and held a vote of the entire Council membership on whether to approve an issue or not.

 The Council's Board of Directors also participates in community clean-ups and oversees the cutting of grass in some green areas of Crescent Hill.

 If you are interested in serving on the Board or in working with a committee, contact me: Jerry Fielden and I will help match you to a spot you’ll like.