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2012 Year in Review by Jerry Fielden

posted Jan 6, 2013, 9:23 PM by Cressie Hill   [ updated Mar 6, 2013, 9:42 PM ]

The 2012 Year in Review

At the start of each year your President usually sets forth the visions and goals for the coming year, though at times we have had things which seem to come out of nowhere which changes the goals for the year. At the start of this past year, here were the goals:
  1. To develop and implement training for Board members.
    • With help and leadership from Laura Ryan, we put together a training slide show which gave a history of the Council and told how the PD House Foundation and FABA were offshoots from the Council. We also gave a history of the Council up to the present.
    • We obtained a new board member from the training-----Kenny Wooton
    • This slide show was developed so it could be used in the future to train new members.
      This was our first major accomplishment!

  2. To welcome new members into the Council.
    • Started the Welcome committee.
    • The Welcome Committee sets up the Welcome Table with name tags, sign-in sheet, welcomes and introduces visitors at meetings and came up with the policy of offering a free membership to new residents who send in a membership envelope with their contact information.

  3. To have every office on the Council Board Filled.
    • Things started to unravel right after the start of the year when the newsletter editor and the membership chair both announced they had to leave in just a few short weeks and our volunteer coordinator also needed to leave.
    • Pat Brinson was given the job as chair of an ad hoc committee to find replacements for both committee chairs. She did both:
      • Dee Allen came on board as Newsletter Editor and
      • Judy Sanders as membership chair, though our membership chair didn’t start till September.
      • We also acquired a new volunteer coordinator, Melissa Mershon.
      • This is also where the idea first came up that all communications should be under one umbrella and would be expounded on later. Dee led that initial communications dialogue.
        This was our second major accomplishment!

  4. To accomplish three major goals which needed someone to oversee and develop. They were:
    • Revise the by-laws.
    • Put together a policy and procedure manual.
    • Develop one website to function for the Council and the 4th of July/Art and Music Festival
      • We brought on board a 2nd VP whose job was to bring about these three things and Barry Creech was able to accomplish all three.
      • The procedures manual had been a goal for years and years. Creating an all-encompassing website had been discussed for multiple years.
      • The by-laws required a total revision of the document that had been pieced together for 20 years or more.
        This was our third major accomplishment!

  5. To work with Finance and Budget Committee procedures and develop an accounting system that has transparency.
    • The financial reporting at the meetings has been more substantial with more in-depth explanations with charts and graphs, giving everyone a clearer picture of the financial situation. We need to thank Brian Butler for his efforts.
    • Collections at the 4th of July were centralized under David Fountain and Nancy Owens

  6. To have short meetings that didn't run over 90 minutes.
    • We have had only one meeting that ran over (to 9:10 p.m.) and that was the last one (Oct.), but there was so much material to cover, including going over the new Procedures Manual and dealing with grass cutting along the RR tracks, that we just could not finish in the allotted time.
    • All other meetings have ended by 9:00 PM and we had a quorum at all meetings.

  7. To develop a communication system. Melissa Mershon brought us into a new and better communications era by using Constant Contact to send information to our members and others who have shared email addresses. She has used this for all types of communications, including promoting community events and sharing crime reports.
    • With this goal in mind we put together another ad hoc committee to develop a communication system. The committee met and proposed starting a Communication Committee at the start of 2013 with a set of goals to organize and develop.
    • Kenny Wooton volunteered to be the chairperson
      This was the fourth major accomplishment!

  8. To continue with existing projects/events:
    • The Easter Egg Hunt
    • The Dessert with the Mayor
    • The Chili Supper
    • The Holiday Open House (Dec. 11)
    • The CHCC Discount Card for 2013 (to be mailed Jan., 2013)
    • Last, but not least, the 4th of July:
      • As chair/co-chair of the event, I had a personal goal of having at least $55,000 in the Council’s bank account by the end of the 4th. Mother Nature had another idea with temperatures running 105-106 degrees; we did everything we could think of to lessen the impact: we had fans, misters, water, and heat-related posters for safety. This is when we found out that heat is as bad as rain or maybe worse for the bottom line. We just barely made a profit, but that was better than a loss.
      • This points out how hardy our group is!
        This was the fourth major accomplishment!
I want to thank all Board members for their efforts in accomplishing the goals for this past year!

~Jerry Fielden