Pet Show

2014 Crescent Hill Pet Show Winners!

Most Unique/Exotic Pet

This category is to celebrate exotic and unique pets.

Winner:  13 Beetles  
Caregiver:  Zoe Brown

Most "Petriotic"

This category is for pets to show off their "Petriotism"

Winner:    Basil

Caregiver:    Nancy Desanctis

Best Pet Talent

This category celebrates your pet's talents
and wow-factor! The winner was a yoga dog singing!

Winner:  Haley Mama
Caregiver:  Terri Cardwell

Most Precious Pup

This category celebrates the cutest and most adorable pup.

Winner:               Shelby
Caregiver:           Kathy Johnson

Most Admirable Adoption Story

This category honors those who adopted a pet that needed a home and whose story inspires others.

Winner:               Elvis
Caregiver:           Marsha Illback

Pet/Owner Look-alike

This category celebrates how much we look like our pets.

Winner:               Roxy
Caregiver:           Valerie and Caitlin Wheat

Best in Show

All pets in above categories are eligible to win this honor.

Winner:               Basil
Caregiver:           Nancy DeSanctis


It's a tough job, but someone has to do it and we are grateful to our 2014 Pet Show Judges:

Daniel Blandford

Crescent Hill Community Council Board Member

Alisa Oerther

Louisville Metro Animal Services

Lilly Merhoff

Local Animal Lover & Youth Judge


We are grateful to the support of the In-Kind Sponsors of the Pet Show.

Feeders Supply

For the fourth year in a row, Feeder's Supply has provided the category prizes and the entrant's treats.  CLICK HERE 



Thank you Tara Bassett for serving as the Pet Show emcee!  Tara has graciously given her time to host this contest for the past four years.

Tara is a pet-owner and pet-lover and most importantly, she is a Crescent Hill resident!

You can listen to her on "Take it from Tara" on Crescent Hill Radio.

CLICK HERE to book Tara for a speaking engagement.

Louisville Metro Animal Services

Louisville Metro Animal Services came with adoptable pets, a cooling off pool for the entrants and helped judge the show.  CLICK HERE


If you are interested in adopting a new best friend so that you can have a pet to in the 2015 Crescent Hill Pet Show, please contact Louisville Metro Animal Services

CLICK HERE to learn more.