Reservoir Park

Resevoir Park sign at Blackburn Avenue

District Representative:  
  • Jason Brice
  • Todd Abell

Top Ten 19th Century Reasons to live in Reservoir Park Co's
Subdivision at Crescent Hill

(from an early promotional flyer)

19th Century map of Reservoir Park plots
  • This property is the highest in altitude in or around Louisville
  • Has Five Local Trains Each Way Daily, stopping at the Station on the Grounds
  • 12 Minutes Ride from 2nd and Water Streets
  • One square mile from the terminus of street railway
  • Building Restrictions:
    • No House to cost less than $2,000
    • All Houses to be set back 25 feet from front of property line.
    • Ground rolling and affording many beautiful sites for handsome Suburban Homes.
  • The Company will put in water mains and other conveniences as soon as there are consumers
  • Purely a home place.
  • Trees
  • Lots for sale on terms to suit the purchaser. Monthly payments if desired.
  • Health assured by altitude. – 130 feet higher than Fourth and Market Streets, Louisville.