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Membership Committee

    Chair:  Rob Schenkenfelder

    Discount Card Representative: Barbara McGee

  1. Keep membership records current in Wild Apricot.
  2. Add new members to Wild Apricot.
  3. Forward relevant information to the Volunteer Coordination Special Representative and appropriate committee chair persons when a new member indicates interest in volunteering.
  4. On a monthly basis, provide each District Representative with a list of non-renewing members in their district.
  5. Encourage new memberships through
    • attendance of neighborhood events
    • periodic articles in the  newsletter and other communication vehicles
  6. Distribute the discount card to current and new members.
The CHCC Membership Committee considers itself the greeter of the Crescent Hill Community Council. We are in charge of welcoming new members via email or letter, entering memberships on the database, forwarding names of volunteers to the appropriate committee chairs, thinking of ways to encourage membership and to enhance membership.  

Please help us by referring potential members to the “Become a member!” button above.
Thank you for supporting your neighborhood organization!!

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