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Budget & Finance Committee

    Chair: Barry Creech


  1. Develop and propose financial policies and procedures.
  2. Develop a budget baseline.
  3. Develop a plan for use of excess funds.
  4. Develop policies that ensure transparency of all financial matters.
  5. Budget for following year: proposal presented at October meeting and approved at November meeting.
  6. Chair to have check signing and bank viewing ability.
  7. President is a member of committee and has check signing and bank viewing ability.
  8. Conduct a quarterly review and annual audit of accounts.
In accomplishing its assigned responsibilities, the Finance and Budget Committee will undertake the following duties and such other matters within its responsibilities as may warrant its attention.
  • Assist the President and Board on budget process 
  • Present items to be considered expected annual expenses, although the Board would need to vote on such annually.
  • In consultation with the President, establish such budget-tracking and reporting standards as are appropriate to the needs of the committee and the Board. 
  • Review the annual income and expenses of the CHCC and make specific recommendations to the Board regarding the balancing of income and expenses, including, where desirable, comments on expense levels, income structures, adequacy of proposed funding levels of programs, and adequacy of cash reserves.
  • Undertake a review, at least annually, of the long-range financial objectives of the CHCC and Board’s ability to sustain the CHCC and accomplishment of its stated mission and programs.  Report to the Board at least annually on such objectives including recommendations for revision as appropriate. 
  • Develop and propose Financial Policies and Procedures to be used for executing financial decision—to be approved by the CHCC Board. 


  • Account Summary May 2012
  • Detail May 2012