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Communications Committee

    Chair: Dee Allen

2017 Strategy
  • Disseminate information about the Council and its activities to Council members and Crescent Hill residents in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Coordinate all CHCC print materials, email blasts, social media and website to ensure consistent and accurate messages.
  • Publish four hard copy newsletters to be mailed to all residents of Crescent Hill. Develop a transition plan for electronic platforms to replace hard copy format while ensuring hard copy is available for delivery by a district representative to any CHCC member upon written request. 
  • Redesign the CHCC website with an emphasis on a “user friendly” design that allows timely updates and incorporates more district-specific information/news.

  • Design an informational CHCC brochure and/or postcard to be included in the Welcome Bag and to be used by District Representatives, by Membership Committee, Sponsorship Committee, etc.

  • Design an end of year, Annual Report, in conjunction with the CHCC Board, for distribution to CHCC members and for inclusion in Welcome Bags.


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