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        Chairs: Evie Wilkinson



  1. Oversee the maintenance of the railroad corridor
  2. Act as liaison between the CHCC and the Metro Parks & Recreation Department
  3. Provide education on environmental issues.
  4. Investigate Crescent Hill getting a "Green Living Neighborhoods Certificate".
  5. Manage the Tree Planting program.

"The smallest patch of green to arrest the monotony of asphalt and concrete is as important to the value of real estate as streets, sewers and convenient shopping."  

- James Felt, NYC Planning Commission.

Crescent Hill Tree Program Breaks Own All Time Record

Volunteer “Tree Time” Tim Allen plants 14 trees

Crescent Hill Community Council members were able to obtain trees at 50% off retail this year, in part, because of a $500 matching grant from LG&E and Kentucky Utilities. LG&E partnered with the U.N.’s Plant For The Planet: Billion Tree Campaign. The grant covered half of the cost of ten trees and your Community Council paid half of the cost of the other four. Awareness of this opportunity was created through the newsletter, the website and an email blast.

You can see our new trees here on our website and up close and personal on a self-guided walking tour. Learn why each tree was selected and see it in its new home.

2012 CHCC Tree Program

2 Eastover Ct. - Bald Cypress, ‘Shawnee Brave’

Bald Cypress is a large (75ft.) deciduous conifer. In autumn its needles will turn golden-brown before falling. This street tree is a good choice for this site on the corner of Eastover and Frankfort. Its tall narrow shape will just fit this narrow lot. Tolerance for heavy clay and air pollution will help it thrive.

6 Eastover Court  - Zelkova, ‘Village Green’

Zelkova is a medium size (50’-70’) asian tree valued for its rapid growth, and strong branching. It is tolerant of heat, cold, drought and pollution. The large front yard will provide the space needed for its large spreading crown.

134 South Crestmoor Ave. - Maple, ‘Brandywine Red’

This small maple is known for its brilliant red color that can last for 2 weeks in the fall. The flowers of the tree are all male so it does not produce nuisance seedlings. The perfect tree for this small garden as it only reaches 25 feet.

130 N. Crestmoor Ave. - Redbud, ‘Rising Sun’

Our native Eastern Redbud has long been a favorite spring bloomer. ‘Rising Sun’ introduces a new leaf color combination -tangerine and apricot!  

The leaves turn lime green during the summer. This diminutive tree (15’) is great addition to a small urban garden. It will thrive in full sun, heavy clay being drought tolerant and burn resistant.

203 Hillcrest Ave. - Yellowwood, species

The Yellowwood is a medium sized native tree (50 ft) that produces fragrant white blooms in June. The leaves turn a bright, clear yellow in fall and provides winter food for birds. It thrives in urban settings being tolerant of heavy clay and air pollution.

203 Hillcrest Ave. - Serviceberry, ‘Autumn Brilliance’

The serviceberry is a small native woodland tree (25 ft.) that blooms in white in April. As the name implies, it has brilliant fall color. As an understory tree that has adapted to urban life, it will appreciate the shade it will eventually get from its yard-mate the yellowwood.  

443 Hillcrest Ave. - Elm, ‘Dynasty’

This chinese elm cultivar was developed as part of an on-going program by the National Arboretum to to produce a tree similar to the spreading american elm but resistant to Dutch Elms’ Disease. Its vase-like shape and small stature (40 ft.) make it a good street tree. With proper care it should adapt well to this urban sight.

165 Crescent Ave. - River Birch, ‘Dura Heat’

While the River Birch is a native tree, this cultivar is more tolerant of our hot, dry summers. It has attractive exfoliating bark with open canopy of leaves that turn clear yellow in the fall. It is a host to butterfly larvae. The seeds are attractive to goldfinch. River Birch can reach 100’ at maturity.

3115 Brownsboro Rd. - Zelkova,‘Village Green‘       

Zelkova is a medium size (50’-70’) asian tree valued for its rapid growth, and strong branching. It is tolerant of heat, cold, drought and pollution once established. The large front yard will provide the space needed for its large spreading crown.

2720 Frankfort Ave. - Chinese Fringe Tree, ‘Tokyo Tower’

This slender tree is a good choice for the median between Carmichael’s and the Crescent Hill Trading Co. on S Bayly. It will appreciate the partial shade provided by nearby buildings. It is short enough (10’ -15’) to avoid any problems with overhead wires and narrow enough to avoid problems with cars and pedestrians. It has fragrant white blossoms in the spring. It is tolerant of most urban conditions.

227 Pleasantview Ave. - Blackgum, ‘Forum’

The Blackgum is a medium height native tree reaching 50’ with brilliant red foliage in the fall. It grows best on well-drained (sloping Pleasantview) and moist soils. Once established it tolerates urban conditions. The small blue fruit it attractive to birds.

244 S. Peterson Ave. - Lilac, ‘Ivory Silk’

Long established plantings of this small (20’-25’) asian street tree, can be seen along Frankfort Ave. proving its adaptability to high pollution, heavy clay situations. The new one on Peterson Ave. should do as well providing the hummingbirds with fragrant creamy blossoms in June.

118 N. Ewing Ave. - Cherry, ‘Autumn’   

As name implies, this small (30’) asian cherry blooms sporadically in fall and on warm days during winter. Its heaviest bloom period is in the spring when it is covered in pale pink double blossoms. It will make a nice addition to Ewing Ave.

Special thanks to our partner, LG&E.

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- Help the CHCC Tree Program

Do you have a tree on your property that was planted as part of the Crescent Hill Community Council’s tree rebate program? If you do, we would like to know about it. The Beautification Committee will be compiling a list. We need to know the type of tree, location, (including front, back or side yard) and approximate date it was planted.

If you have any questions, please call 569-2344 and ask for Denise.

- Trees, Shrubs, Ground Covers, & Vines Suitable for Kentucky Landscapes

Click Here for an interesting study from the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture.

(accessed from

- Wooded Wisdom: Learning from Trees

The trees are our teachers. Their silence speaks of wisdom and patience, for these ancient spirits have persevered the centuries, witnessing human evolution.  The giant Sequoia, the most massive of all living forms, has been around for more than 135 million years. Some of the living ones are believed to be close to 4000 years old. 

Trees — sturdy, poised, determined, and resilient. They always seem to know where they stand. They exist in the present and radiate presence. They express themselves with ease. These are just a few of the lessons that these wooded creatures have to impart.

Are you inspired to plant a tree?  


We make it easy for you by offering arboretum quality trees at a  discount. Plus, we will help you pick out the ideal tree for your particular site, dig the hole, and even plant it for you!  You will provide the water and encouragement...  Plant a tree to help Crescent Hill stay green, for a birthday or anniversary, as a gift to the earth, and as a way to cleanse our air itself.  

Take advantage of this offer supported by the CHCC and the CH Garden Club.  Email TreeTime or call 502-931-1592.