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Louisville Water Company Generator and Road Proposal

posted Aug 31, 2016, 7:04 PM by Cressie Hill

Last week the Louisville Water Company held a neighborhood meeting to present its proposal to build a generator facility and access road on its property near the intersection of Frankfort and Stilz Avenues. Many good comments and questions were offered and received by LWC. An article about the meeting by Martha Elson of The Courier-Journal is here:


If you have a comment you would like forwarded to LWC and, ultimately, the Planning Commission as part of its Community Facility Review of the proposal, send them to Bill Hollander, our Metro Councilman at Bill Hollander. He will forward them on to become part of the record.


LWC is evaluating questions and concerns raised at the meeting and will likely schedule another public forum in September, before seeking Planning Commission approval of any final plans.