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Crescent Hill Radio needs your help

posted Feb 11, 2014, 10:48 PM by Cressie Hill

Crescent Hill Radio needs more shows to fulfill its obligation of 8 hours of local programming per day, once it goes low-power FM.

Originally they thought that since the playlist was full of local music that automated music would count - but the FCC has specifically ruled out any kind of automation programming to be counted toward that 8 hours.

Eventually, once they have more station income, they will be looking for more live shows and DJ's, but these formats require more expenses and work hours, so right now Crescent Hill Radio is looking for anyone who is interested in creating more pre-recorded programming. These programs would be made at the show creator's home or facility and sent to Crescent Hill Radio on a weekly basis.  Underwriting/sponsorship for such a show can be aquired by the show creator using Crescent Hill Radio's 501(c)3 status to compensate for the work involved.   If you or anyone you know is interested, please contact Crescent Hill Radio.

Pre-recorded shows would be one hour, and could be talk/interviews or music, but music would have to be from Louisville, Kentucky or Southern Indiana.  The show creator would have access to the Crescent Hill Radio music database online.  Any talk show content would have to fall within the perimeter of Crescent Hill Radio's mission - to help bring the community together.

A working knowledge of simple audio editing would be needed and a decent microphone and computer.

Contact Kathy Weisbach for more information.