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posted Mar 9, 2013, 10:03 PM by Cressie Hill

 By Greg Smith

Recently, thanks to the efforts of our Historian, Barb McGee, we discovered that Crescent Hill Community Council was founded in 1969! Our history is a little thin as to the business of the council at that time, but in 1974, as a result of the 1974 tornado that ripped through Crescent Hill, the Council took on new meaning.  It became the vehicle through which concerned residents rallied to protect the historic character and community culture of Crescent Hill.

Past Presidents Honored

Over 480 homes in Crescent Hill were damaged by the tornado, many beyond repair.  Residents were worried that the already popular trend of converting older homes into apartments would give way to more apartment complexes being built in the wake of the tornado.  So the CHCC, re-organized, and took action.

Over 400 residents attended a meeting organized through the CHCC with the Mayor, the Board of Aldermen and The Planning and Zoning Commission.  As a result, zoning regulations were passed that reduced housing density, and created some green space.  This was the beginning of our mission, which continues today: “To serve as an advocate for maintaining the quality of life in Crescent Hill.”

At our February Council Board Meeting, we honored individuals who served as past presidents of our Council (many pictured above).  We were delighted that 13 out of 17 of our past living presidents were able to attend. 

Metro Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh presented each of them with a City of Louisville Certificate of Appreciation of their volunteer service to the community.  These folks chose to get involved and made a difference.  We are a community that does take action and does care about the quality of life in Crescent Hill.   We are the Crescent Hill Community Council.   Come see how you can get involved.