Annual Crescent Hill Community Council Meeting


Please join your neighbors for the annual Crescent Hill Community Council meeting on Thursday, November 2, 2017, 7:00 – 8:30 at the Peterson-Dumesnil House, 301 S. Peterson Ave. In addition to regular board business, we will be electing the officers for 2018 and will be voting on new Bylaws. Any resident of Crescent Hill who is current with their $15 annual dues will be able to vote for the slate of board officers and the new bylaws.


You can view the bylaws and an explanation of changes at


We look forward to seeing you there.


Summary of Proposed Changes to CHCC Bylaws - 2017

Chili Night Out, Thursday, October 19, 6:00pm to 8:30pm


Your Help is Needed.

This annual event was a huge success last year! We served 8 different chili recipes from different community members and dozens of visitors had fun tasting and comparing the delicious types of chili. We need volunteers to make their favorite chili recipe for this year’s event.  The Council will provide the side items such as hot dogs, buns, toppings, chips, beverages, etc.  We will welcome homemade desserts if you would prefer baking.  But the main donation request is for the chili, so if you are willing to cook up a batch, please call Diana Gautier, 894-8820 before the 17th to let her know!


Going Green and Getting Platinum! 

Congratulations to Crescent Hill on recently earning a Platinum Level Green Living Certification from Brightside's Green Living program.  In an effort led by the CHCC Green Committee, residents achieved this after taking surveys about their living habits.  The surveys were then sent to Brightside, which awarded points based on reported activities such as recycling, planting trees, using energy efficient appliances, and more.  Keep living green, Crescent Hill! 

Bulb Planting and Cleanup at Barret

Please join the Crescent Hill Garden Club, CHCC, and Barrett Middle in planting 5,000 Crocus Bulbs at Barrett Middle School on Saturday, October 14, from 9:00am to 11:00am. Don't forget your gardening gloves and trowel!

Crocus Bulb Flyer.pdf

Neighborhood Summit October 28, 8:30a – 2:45p

This is a great opportunity to get involved in Crescent Hill and the City of Louisville. See the attached brochure or visit their website to find out more information including workshop descriptions and schedules, or register. There is a nominal fee of $15 if you register by 10/13; in addition, if you are a current member of the Crescent Hill Community Council, there is a $3 discount available. Please contact Mark Gaff at 502-472-7484 for more information on the discount.

2017 Summit Flier-Registration-Sponsors.pdf

Spirit of Crescent Hill Award

Congratulations to all the neighbors who received a Spirit of Crescent Hill Award on September 14, 2017. The winners include:

Barret Traditional Middle School (Principal, Tom Wortham)

Tara Bassett

Charles Cash

Mike DaRif

Doris Lamb


Front Row: Doris Lamb

Middle Row: Mike DaRif, Charles Cash, Tara Bassett

Back Row: Bill Hollander (District 9, Metro Councilman), Tom Wortham

Mosquito Fogging       Wednesday         8/30/17
Crescent Hill/Southern Seminary
Area bounded by
N – Frankfort Ave
S – I-64
 Pleasantview Ave
W – Bickel Ave

Fogging Hotline 574-6641

West Nile Virus Found in Mosquitos in Crescent Hill


The Crescent Hill Community Council was contacted by the Environmental Health Specialist in the Mosquito Control Division for the Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness for our area. She informed us of potential mosquito borne vector disease for Crescent Hill and Southern Baptist Seminary regions.


Their trap located near the Grinstead Ave parking area of Southern Baptist College has yielded both very high trap numbers and more importantly, tested positive for West Nile Virus. Steps they have taken to reduce the mosquito population in our area include treating catch basins with larvicide and fogging with adulticide.


Here is what you can do to help prevent or reduce mosquito borne vector disease in your area: 

1. Use insect repellant.

2. Wear long sleeved shirts and pants.

3. Empty standing water in your yard every 5-7 days, such as flower pots, children’s toys, swimming pools, tires, gutters, & bird baths, and pet bowls.

4. Keep windows shut when using air conditioning.

5. Use screens in windows and doors when air conditioning is unavailable.

6. Utilize fans while in a stationary position on your porch or deck.


The Mosquito Control Program does not have a “fogging List” and does not practice spraying based on a schedule.  Areas that are fogged are those that meet specific criteria:

1. Positive human cases of mosquito transmitted disease.

2. Mosquito samples are disease positive.

3. Mosquito traps have excessive counts.

4. Mosquito control program staff note high incidence of adult mosquitoes.

Thanks for another successful


Thank you to the over 130 volunteers who worked 
multiple shifts at the 2017 Crescent Hill 4 th July  Festival. 
The event was a success because of all your efforts. The Crescent Hill Community Council
would like to thank you for donating your valuable time. Your generosity benefited countless others.We are grateful for your service to our neighborhood. Below is the list of neighbors who
volunteered. Please email us at if we left off a name by mistake.

Tina Abell
Todd Abel
Ryan Abel
Anna Aberathy
Ann Adams
Lucas Adams
Dee Allen
Americorps Volunteers
Melissa Barnes
Terrian Barnes
John Battcher
Brittany Baumli
J Beasley
Jim Becklay
Katrina Becklay
Christie Bertram
John Birkimer
Sharleen Birkimer
Theresa Bradshaw
Alice Bridges
Barry Bridges
Pat Brinson
Mike Brooks
Susan Buehner
Ruth Burdine
Jennifer Burleson
Jeni Carter
Doug Caster
Micah Chandler
Daniel Coffman
Beth Coker
Gary Conklin
Sharon Connors-Krauth
Joyce Cossavella
Agnes Coveney
Tamy Crandell
Lucy Crawford
Kathy Creech
Barry Creech
Nate Creech
Cherith Danielewicz
Mike DaRif
Carolyn Dean
Bill Deatherage
Debbie Deatherage
Shawn Dikes
Kristen Downs
Ashley Eckert
Shannon Endres
Mitchell Feltz
Sarah Feltz
Jerry Fielden
John Findling
Crystal Ford
Richard Forsting
Nancy Fountain
Meg Fraser
Mark Gaff
Becky Gallian
Diana Gautier
Suzy Gessner
Tyler Gibson
David Graves
Alina Gutridge
Paul Hancock
Christina Hansen
Melanie Hardison
Allison Hammons
Haley Hargrove
MaryEllen Harned
Rick Harned
Barbara Hedspeth
Van Hoagland
Will Hobson
Nancy Hubbard
Dick Humke
Lorie Jacobs
Armand Judah
Sue Judah
Debbie Kamber
Tony Kamber
Chuck Kaplan
Burleigh Kaster
Zach Katsel
Sandy Keltner
Lauren Kemme
Patti Keri
Kathy King
Mike Kirkham
Daniel Krebs
Amanda Lawler
Janine Linder
Mary B Mahoney
Holly Mayer
Barbara McGee
Tricia McGillan
Erin McKenzie
Melissa Mershon
Joan Sue Mihalovic
Jill Miller
Victoria Moll
Jim Monin
Lindsey Moore
Travis Newman
Leigh Nicholson
Brianna Nicholson
Becky Norris
Linda Oppelt
Mary Oppelt
Page Penna
Mariah Reymundo
Jodi Richardson
Sue Ritman
Mark Rountree
Kay Rountree
Bill Sanders
Judy Sanders
Ute Schabel
Rob Schenkenfelder
Laura Schuhmann
Rob Schulmeister
Chuck Sharpensteen
Monique Shaughnessy
Anetta Shaw
Charise Shively
Barbara Sinai
Judy Steer
Lucy Craig Steilberg
Cynthia Thomas
Linda Thompson
Jack Tindal
Kathleen Von Roenn
Susan Watson
Rhonda Watson
Jim Watters
Debbie Wiebe
Thor Wiljanen
Evelyn Wilkinson
Julia Williams
Jenny Yager
Mariel Young

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