Thanks for another successful


Thank you to the over 130 volunteers who worked 
multiple shifts at the 2017 Crescent Hill 4 th July  Festival. 
The event was a success because of all your efforts. The Crescent Hill Community Council
would like to thank you for donating your valuable time. Your generosity benefited countless others.We are grateful for your service to our neighborhood. Below is the list of neighbors who
volunteered. Please email us at if we left off a name by mistake.

Tina Abell
Anna Aberathy
Ann Adams
Lucas Adams
Dee Allen
Melissa Barnes
Terrian Barnes
John Battcher
Brittany Baumli
J Beasley
Jim Becklay
Katrina Becklay
John Birkimer
Sharleen Birkimer
Theresa Bradshaw
Alice Bridges
Barry Bridges
Pat Brinson
Mike Brooks
Susan Buehner
Ruth Burdine
Jeni Carter
Doug Caster
Micah Chandler
Daniel Coffman
Beth Coker
Gary Conklin
Joyce Cossavella
Agnes Coveney
Tamy Crandell
Lucy Crawford
 Kathy Creech
Barry Creech
Nate Creech
Cherith Danielewicz
Mike DaRif
Carolyn Dean
Bill Deatherage
Debbie Deatherage
Shawn Dikes
Kristen Downs
Ashley Eckert
Shannon Endres
Mitchell Feltz
Sarah Feltz
Jerry Fielden
John Findling
Crystal Ford
Richard Forsting
Nancy Fountain
Meg Fraser
Mark Gaff
Becky Gallian
Diana Gautier
Suzy Gessner
Tyler Gibson
David Graves
Alina Gutridge
Paul Hancock
Christina Hansen
Melanie Hardison
Haley Hargrove
MaryEllen Harned
Rick Harned
 Barbara Hedspeth
Van Hoagland
Will Hobson
Nancy Hubbard
Lorie Jacobs
Armand Judah
Sue Judah
Chuck Kaplan
Burleigh Kaster
Zach Katsel
Sandy Keltner
Lauren Kemme
Patti Keri
Kathy King
Mike Kirkham
Daniel Krebs
Amanda Lawler
Mary B Mahoney
Holly Mayer
Barbara McGee
Tricia McGillan
Erin McKenzie
Melissa Mershon
Joan Sue Mihalovic
Jill Miller
Jim Monin
Lindsey Moore
Travis Newman
Leigh Nicholson
Brianna Nicholson
Becky Norris
Linda Oppelt
Mary Oppelt
 Page Penna
Mariah Reymundo
Jodi Richardson
Sue Ritman
Mark Rountree
Kay Rountree
Bill Sanders
Judy Sanders
Ute Schabel
Rob Schenkenfelder
Laura Schuhmann
Rob Schulmeister
Chuck Sharpensteen
Anetta Shaw
Charise Shively
Barbara Sinai
Judy Steer
Lucy Craig Steilberg
Cynthia Thomas
Linda Thompson
Jack Tindal
Kathleen Von Roenn
Susan Watson
Rhonda Watson
Jim Watters
Debbie Wiebe
Thor Wiljanen
Evelyn Wilkinson
Julia Williams
Jenny Yager
Mariel Young

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